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Top 12 Findings on a Hair Mineral Analysis

By Dr. Heather Kneale January 2018   Hair analysis is much more than a test for minerals. From a small sample of hair, you can learn about your metabolic rate, immune system, adrenal and thyroid glandular activity, carbohydrate tolerance, energy levels and tendencies for over 30 illnesses, often revealed long before they show on x-rays

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Handling Thyroid Problems

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Larry Wilson on Thyroid issues. Some of the questions he answered are: Why is thyroid disease so common? Is taking thyroid hormone the answer? Can nutritional balancing help to correct thyroid imbalances? Please click the link to listen to the interview (it is about 25 minutes long)  

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Dr. Wilson interview on Detoxification and Detoxification Myths

Please click on the link to hear my interview with Dr. Wilson Detoxification and Detoxification Myths.  Some of the topics we covered are: Can we detoxify one metal at a time? Is chelation useful for detoxification? How do we detoxify parasites? Are healing reactions necessary? 

Dr. Wilson on the radio

THE MORNING SHOW with Patrick Timpone Click here to listen to Dr. Wilson on the radio Lawrence Wilson, MD Nutritional Balancing Science Nutritional Balancing is a newer method of healing that is a synthesis of many modern and ancient healing sciences. In many cases, it is able to cause healing at very deep levels by

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Why I Can’t Sleep?

Why Can’t I sleep? I spent so many years trying to sleep, watching the clock, obsessing about not getting enough sleep and trying anything that offered quick results. I know now that part of the problem can be our chemistry and the program will get to the core of it and also not giving the

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Single Red Heat Lamp Therapy

SINGLE RED HEAT LAMP THERAPY by Lawrence Wilson, MD © February 2013, The Center For Development         One of the major procedures that is part of most nutritional balancing programs is the use of a sauna made of three or perhaps four reddish ‘heat lamps’.  These are 250-watt reddish bulbs sold at many hardware

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