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Single Red Heat Lamp Therapy


by Lawrence Wilson, MD

© February 2013, The Center For Development 


     One of the major procedures that is part of most nutritional balancing programs is the use of a sauna made of three or perhaps four reddish ‘heat lamps’.  These are 250-watt reddish bulbs sold at many hardware stores and even at Walmart.  They are called heat lamps, but they emit red, orange, and yellow light, and some near and middle infrared rays as well. 

     In some cases, however, the sauna is not appropriate.  I do not recommend sauna therapy for pregnant women, or for babies or children under 5 years of age.  Other situations in which the sauna may not be best include if one cannot afford a sauna, if one is very debilitated, or does not have access to a sauna.  In these, and perhaps a few other situations such as for pets and larger animals, as well, the use of a single reddish heat lamp can be wonderful and even lifesaving. 

     This article discusses this very simple, yet often very helpful form of healing therapy.




     An isolated reddish infrared heat lamp directed at an area of the body provides excellent and often surprising benefits. Single lamp therapy, in our experience, is simple, inexpensive and safe when properly handled. 

     Conditions that may benefit, often after just a few treatments, include joint pain, muscle strains, skin rashes, acne, boils and some conditions of the eyes, nose, ears and sinusesNeck, shoulder, elbow, knee and back pain may also respond.  Bladder and vaginal conditions may also respond nicely, especially when lamp therapy is combined with a complete nutritional balancing program.

     One patient had a sinus infection that did not respond to antibiotics or to natural healing methods.  She was weak and feverish every evening and had constant headaches.  By shining an infrared lamp on the sinuses for 10 minutes at a time, six times a day, relief occurred in two days with complete elimination of all symptoms in five days.  The patient continued to use the lamp for another two weeks because she said the red light felt wonderful.

     Relief in one or two days has also occurred in cases of low back pain, knee pain, nerve root irritation and other local conditions.  One can safely shine the lamp on any area of the body in need of healing.  However, never shine it on the head area for more than 10 minutes at a time, and a little less for children.

     It can also be used on pets and large animals such as horses.  Do not place a pet in a sauna, as animals can easily overheat.




     Infrared energy heats the body from the inside, up to several inches deep.  The heat and other frequencies the lamps offer improve the circulation, hydration and oxygenation, and often disable or weaken harmful microorganisms, including those that cause Lyme disease and many other conditions.  Near infrared also has other healing effects, according to some research. 




     Purchase a 250-watt, reddish heat lamp.  They cost between about $10-15.00 USD in America and are found at most hardware stores in the USA. Do not use a clear bulb, but the bulb need not be pure red.  They are often sold for use in chicken coops as brooder lamps.


     In Europe: Here is a website to purchase them in Europe (220 volt version):




     In Australia: Here is a website to buy one in Australia (also 220 volts):




     Also, purchase a clamp-on lamp socket rated for at least a 250-watt light bulb.  It costs about $15.-20. USD and they are sold at many hardware stores.  It should have a guard or reflector and ideally the guard should prevent you from the possibility of touching the bulb itself, which is extremely hot.


     Use the lamp five to sixty minutes per session, two to ten times per day.  If you are using it on your head area at all (ears, sinuses, etc.) use it no more than 10 minutes at a time, and little less for children.

     One sits about 12″ to 24″ from the lamp and moves the lamp around the area during the treatment.  Allow the area to become as hot as one can comfortably tolerate.   If the lamp is fixed, move the body slightly.  Keeping the lamp on one spot for more than a few minutes causes a slight reddening of the skin that will go away and is not harmful.  You will not get a tan from this lamp.  Do not touch the lamp and do not keep it on one spot if you feel a burning sensation.

     A simple way to do therapy is to clamp the lamp socket to a shelf and sit comfortably near the lamp so that it shines on the desired part of the body without causing strain.




     * When using the lamp on your head area, use it for no more than 5-10 minutes at a time.  

     * Move the lamp back and forth slightly or move the body part it is directed toward.

     * Close the eyes when directing the lamp at the eyes, nose or sinuses. 

     * Do not use the lamp on an injury for the first 24 hours following the injury.

     * Avoid touching an infrared lamp when hot.  Also avoid placing it on any surface when hot to avoid igniting or burning the surface. 

      * Avoid banging the lamp around and avoid splashing water on it, as these could cause it to break.






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