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Dr. Wilson on the radio

Patrick Timpone

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Lawrence Wilson, MD

Nutritional Balancing Science

Nutritional Balancing is a newer method of healing that is a synthesis of many modern and ancient healing sciences. In many cases, it is able to cause healing at very deep levels by delicately balancing the body chemistry and increasing the body’s adaptive energy level.

Nutritional balancing requires a specific set of components or facets. These include a specific diet for your metabolic type, the proper type and amount of drinking water, and about eight carefully targeted nutritional supplements.

The program also includes several detoxification procedures such as coffee enemas and the use of a near infrared lamp sauna, but not other types of saunas. Other optional modalities include foot or hand reflexology, a spinal corrective procedure, and a powerful mental exercise that moves energy downward from the head to the feet.

Show Highlights:

-Meat: Why heirloom animals provide healthier meat; lamb being particularly energizing

-Depression is often a sin you are tired and may be simply a wake up call to slow down

-Dr. Wilson focuses on fatigue, the sins of fatigue and burn out in children

-What’s so bad about coffee, tea and sugar alon with other stimulants

-What is NPK and why is it used in farming?

-The benefits of kelp extract

-Ideas for treating acne

-Dr. Wilson claims coffee is bad for the body , but recommends it for coffee enemas. Why is that?

and so much more!

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