For consultants: Learn All About the Na/K ratio: Hair Chart Review Included

Oxidation Rate Conference Call June 25, 2015


Great learning tool for consultants. MP3 is about 1 1/2 hour long. Oxidation rate is covered in detail. Last 1/2 hour is answering questions from the consultants. Email me once paid so I can send the hair charts that were covered during the conference call.


Product Description

Recording includes:

·       How to recognize fast, slow and mixed oxidation·       How to determine extreme, moderate or mild oxidation

·       What is the stages of stress and how do they relate to the oxidation rate

·       Case studies of clients in slow, fast and mixed oxidation

·       Last 1/2 hour is answering questions from the consultants


 Once you have paid for the recording:Please email me at  so I can email the hair tests reviewed in the talk.

What you receive: 

  • MP3 audio file (about 1 1/2 hour long) sent by email
  • Copy of hair charts reviewed during the conference sent by email



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