10 Natural Ways to Supercharge our Immune System

By Dr. Kneale

An outbreak of the new coronavirus (transmitted from animal to human like the Bird and Swine Flus) was identified in December 2019 in China. Designated 2019-nCoV, the virus was declared a public health emergency by the WHO (World Health Organization) on January 30th, 2020.




Our Immune System

Our immune system works to protect us from harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. If our immune system is not functioning well, we will be more susceptible to ANY type of infection.

The hype in the social media is creating a great amount of fear without giving a solution. Fear alone can affect our immune system in an unhealthy way.

Instead of being fearful that we will contract a new virus, it is healthier to focus on what we can do to prevent it altogether, which is supercharge your immune system.

Our immune system is part of a magnificent orchestra of special organs and cells that fight infection. It consists of:

  • Lymphatic system: a network of tubes through-out our body that helps to eliminate bacteria and bad cells such as cancer cells. This system includes the lymph nodes, lymph vessels and lymphocytes (type of white blood cells).
  • Spleen: blood filtering/storing organ that destroys damaged red blood cells and filter out viruses and bacteria in our blood.
  • Thymus: produces a hormone called Thymosin that stimulates the production of T-lymphocytes (T cells). T cells are a type of white blood cell that protects our body from viruses, bacteria and other threats.
  • Bone marrow: where all blood cells are made including white blood cells.
  • White blood cells: made in our bone marrow and are part of the lymphatic system.
  • Antibodies: help the body recognize a toxin or microbe and mark it for destruction.
  • Complement system: proteins that support the antibodies.

One of the best ways to fight off an infection (or not get it at all) is to power up your immune system. The mineral balancing programs we offer do just that. From your hair tissue mineral analysis we can recommend a specific diet, precise vitamins and minerals, and detoxification protocols to increase your energy level which in turn boosts your immune system.  If you would like to get started please contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation or a hair analysis form kit.  Not ready to start a mineral balancing program? See below for a powerful list of suggestions to help you get started now.

10 Natural Ways to Supercharge Your Immune System

1) Near Infra-red Sauna

After 15 years in my practice I have seen the incredible healing benefits of this sauna! It can rid the body of heavy metals, chemicals and acute/chronic infections. It is a must for helping our body deal with the day to day toxic load we pick up from food, water, air and others.

Every home should have a near infrared sauna.


This is the only near infrared sauna I recommend because it has been tested for outgassing and is the only UL approved near infrared sauna in the United States.  All accessories are manufacturer UL, CE, and RoHS lab tested and certified to ensure user safety and the highest medical-grade quality. The lamp and radiant sauna tents do not outgas any harmful chemicals or toxic metals during use.

Near Infrared Sauna


2) Sleep

I realize that some of us still struggle with sleep (here is an article on ideas to help improve sleep 17 Natural Way to Beat Insomnia).

Without sufficient sleep, your body makes fewer cytokines, a type of protein that targets infection and inflammation, effectively creating an immune response. Cytokines are both produced and released during sleep, causing a double whammy if you skimp on shut-eye. [2]

3) Hydration

We recommend 3 quarts of spring or carbon filtered water daily for adults.  Staying hydrated assists your body’s removal of toxins such as bacteria and viruses that cause illnesses. It prevents any buildup of toxins that would otherwise cause an infection.


Hydration benefits:

  •   Oxygenate the blood to help cells function at full power (blood is about 90% water)
  •   Flushes out unwelcome invaders through the kidneys
  •   Produce melatonin to promote sleep
  •   Produce lymph: fluid running through our body to collect harmful intruders
  •   Creates sweat to rid the body of waste


4) Fruits and vegetables

Let’s face it, we know what we should eat,   but we don’t follow through. My family loves vegetables but we do not eat any fruit. We are missing the minerals and vitamins found  inside fruit to help us have a stronger defense system. Besides minerals and vitamins, fruit and vegetables contain phytochemicals which are plant chemicals that can protect us from disease.

When eating, try to fill one-half your plate with vegetables at least twice a day.

Here is a way to bridge the nutritional gap when not eating enough fruits and vegetables: Fruit and Vegetable Supplements with Clinical Research  My family has been taking these on and off for many years. What I like about this company is they have done clinical research to prove efficacy; the fruit and vegetables travel directly from farm to capsule (or chewable). Here is an excerpt from one of their clinical studies on the immune system:


In the British Journal of Nutrition (2011), Separate studies were conducted on healthcare professionals with direct patient contact, young law school students, an elderly population, and athletic men. The combined results of those studies show that Juice Plus+® reduces the severity of upper respiratory challenges, reduces missed work days, and increases the number and activity of immune cells circulating in the body.


5) Vitamin D

Numerous studies have shown that vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, decreases susceptibility to infections. We recommend about 20,000 IU a week for adults (less for children).

Vitamin D supplements protect against acute respiratory infections including colds and flu, according to a study led by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).[3]


6) Selenium

Is a powerful anti-oxidant that is crucial for our immune system. I recommend this to every one of my clients due to its protective effect from heavy metals, enhancing the immune system and detoxification.

A study in the United States determined that supplementing with 200 micrograms of selenium increased the activity of a type of white bloods cell called “killer cells”  by 118%; The NK cells (natural killer cells) increased by 82%. These increases can better protect us against infections. [4]

7) Fish oil

Omega-3 fatty acids boost the immune system by improving the function of immune cells. We recommend 1000 mg total Omega-3 Fatty Acids daily for adults. The company we use for supplements, Endo-met, has a wonderful EPA-DHA from menhaden cold water fish.   For those allergic to fish oil please use a vegetarian source  Alternative to fish oil


There is now convincing evidence that dietary n-3 PUFA, particularly EPA and DHA, have a major impact on the function of many components of the immune system.[5]

8) Vitamin A

Has an anti-oxidant effect that helps strengthen the immune system. It also plays a role in the manufacturing and function of white blood cells. White blood cells collect bacteria and other toxins and remove them from our bloodstream.  For an active infection I recommend 50,000 IU daily for no more than a week. As large amounts of vitamin A for a long period of time can create an overload of this vitamin; it is fat soluble and can be stored in the body easily. Here is a brand I recommend: Vitamin A

Autopsy studies in children have shown that vitamin A deficiency is associated with atrophy of the thymus, lymph nodes, and spleen (Blackfan and Wolbach, 1933; Sweet and K’ang, 1955).[6]

Note that the thymus, lymph nodes and spleen are part of the immune system.


9) Vitamin C

Many studies have proven vitamin C to fight off bacterial and viral infections. One study administered only 200mg/day of vitamin C to severely ill elderly patients which resulted in a noted improvement in respiratory symptoms. [7]

Although vitamin C is known to boost our immune system, I do not recommend more than 1000mg a day on a regular basis.

Why didn’t I recommend more vitamin C? In my practice, we have two types of oxidation rates, slow or fast. When a fast oxidizer takes large amounts of vitamin C daily, it speeds up their oxidation rate even further and makes them feel considerably worse (have any of you experienced this?).

For those of you on the mineral balancing program, use Endo A-C as it provides vitamin C without raising the sodium level, while adding vitamin A which supercharges the immune system.  For a cold or infection, take up to 15 a day (5 per meals), until it passes.


10) Colloidal Silver

A natural antibiotic which does not affect your flora (good bacteria).

Colloidal Silver should only be taken when needed and not on a daily basis. I have been using colloidal silver for over 15 years and no one has turned blue or gray. Just do not make your own at home and stick with a quality brand. With an infection I usually recommend one tablespoon up to three times a day for about a week for adults. Two brands I use: Argentyn-I consider this one the Rolls Royce of colloidal silvers as it has the smallest particle size achievable; the smaller the particle size the greater the surface area, the greater the surface area the more bio-active the silver. Another is Sovereign Silver.

We’ve tested over 200 brands and most other colloidal silvers have around 13% bioactivity or less. While other brands show the total concentration of silver on their packages in parts per million (ppm), they neglect to show the % of silver that is bioactive. When a product is only 13% bio-active, that means that 87% of the silver you take is wasted (and so is the 87% of the money you spent on it!). [8]


Science has proved over and over again that viruses can be eradicated by micro-nutrients and improving the immune system.


DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this article is strictly educational and is not, in any way, meant to be prescriptive or to constitute professional medical advice. The information provided is designed to be used in conjunction with the guidance of a healthcare professional. The author assumes no responsibility for any presumed health effects associated with using this information. Always check with your doctor before taking natural supplements if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any ongoing medical concerns, or are currently taking other medications.


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