Mineral Balancing

Does this apply to you? Feeling that you are a shell of who you used to be. Not creating new memories but just living in the past due to extreme low energy. Not enjoying your children, grandchildren, again, due to low energy. Told you have to just live with it.

13 years ago, I was a shell of who I used to be. That is now in my past because of Dr. Paul Eck’s research he called Mineral Balancing.

Mineral balancing science uses hair mineral analysis which is a magnificent tool that provides information to design a program that is best for you. It is set up for your individual biochemistry.

We use a holistic approach that includes food guidelines, nutrient supplements, detoxification protocols, and lifestyle improvements.

You also get to work with me so that you do not have to walk this journey alone.



 Dr. Heather Kneale – Naturopath, PhD