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30 Tips to Transform Your Mornings From Hectic to Amazing

Does the start of your day really matter? Do you think of your morning routine as part of your health? Even if you are retired, does it truly make a difference? A typical start to your day might include getting up and making coffee, taking a shower, feeding your dog or cat, finding the perfect

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40 Quick and Easy Ways to Enjoy the Hectic Holiday Season

By Dr. Heather Kneale With the hustle and bustle of the holidays many forget about one thing…. Themselves! You help your brother with his family, your daughter or son with their relationships, and you think about what you have to finish at work, at home, for friends, for family. Doing all of this on top

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How to give Supplements to a Fussy Child

By Dr. Kneale ©February 2017   We started our daughter on the nutritional healing program right before she turned two years old. She had just had her two-year-old vaccines and stopped speaking, started banging her head for a couple hours at a time, constant stomach upset, colds and infections that would last for weeks or

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How I Became Healthier by Getting rid of my Graveyard Supplements

Have you ever gone to the health-food store to get one supplement and leave with a bag full of tiny bottles instead? I know I have. Each bottle parades titles promising results like: Get More Energy Vision Cure Anti-aging Brain Alertness Weight Loss Shinny Hair Strong Nails Perfect Digestion No More Inflammation Only One a

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Why I Can’t Sleep?

Why Can’t I sleep? I spent so many years trying to sleep, watching the clock, obsessing about not getting enough sleep and trying anything that offered quick results. I know now that part of the problem can be our chemistry and the program will get to the core of it and also not giving the

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