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How to give Supplements to a Fussy Child

By Dr. Kneale ©February 2017


We started our daughter on the nutritional healing program right before she turned two years old. She had just had her two-year-old vaccines and stopped speaking, started banging her head for a couple hours at a time, constant stomach upset, colds and infections that would last for weeks or longer,  sleep issues, decreased eye contact, and many doctor visits to figure out what was wrong.

At my wits end

As you can imagine, I was very motivated to get my daughter healthy. A part of the  mineral balancing program was giving supplements which ended up being the most difficult to implement. I would crush them up in the morning and put them into cooked vegetables, nut butters, or yogurt. Ava hated the taste of the supplements to the point of just spitting out her breakfast. It really became a battle of the wits. I would make sometimes three meals in the same morning to try to get in the supplements. I was extremely frustrated trying to find the magic food that she would happily eat with the supplements. I drove myself crazy along with the rest of my family. My husband pointed out that she was, indeed, getting some of the supplements.

Figured out what to do

When Ava received just a little bit of  paramin (calcium/magnesium supplement) in her foods I noticed that she seemed calmer. I realized that she was getting little by little some of the recommended supplements.  My daughter is now 13 years old; all of her symptoms are completely gone! She just told me a couple days ago that I forgot to put out GB-3 (one of the supplements that she absolutely hated for years because of the smell).

The most important message to take from this article is do not give up. Just try to mentally work with yourself. A little bit every day is going to help and it’s better than nothing. It will pay off.

Equipment needed:

Get a mortar and pestle (see picture below). These can be purchased in any kitchen supply store. I prefer a longer handle to crush the supplements. The smaller handles I found were harder to use.

Giving  supplements

Crush up the supplements in a mortar and pestle for that particular meal or for the whole day and just split the crushed up supplements throughout the day. Mix supplements into cooked vegetables, nut butter, yogurt, or other healthy food.

If this is not working, put crushed up supplements in a teaspoon of honey or something naturally sweet to help take the supplements. I personally used organic chocolate syrup. I mixed the supplements into the chocolate syrup and added a little raw milk to make chocolate milk. You do have to mix the supplements into the syrup before putting in the milk (otherwise your child will know what you are trying to do).

You know your child better than anyone else. If you are struggling to give supplements to your child, please know that you are not alone and there is an easy solution; you just haven’t figured it out yet.

Remember, if your child is only getting some of the supplements or other parts of the program, it will still help improve their health.  I took baby steps with my daughter for years and it paid off. It will for you too!!

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