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How I Became Healthier by Getting rid of my Graveyard Supplements

Have you ever gone to the health-food store to get one supplement and leave with a bag full of tiny bottles instead?

I know I have.

Each bottle parades titles promising results like:

Get More Energy

Vision Cure


Brain Alertness

Weight Loss

Shinny Hair

Strong Nails

Perfect Digestion

No More Inflammation

Only One a Day

Stronger Bones

Stronger Heart

Healthy Skin

(I’ll take one of each!)

The list goes on and on.


When considering the idea to supplement with vitamins and minerals how do you know which ones to take? How much? For how long?

After buying what you think you need, you start taking your newly purchased supplements and soon notice:

1) Absolutely nothing

2) Feeling worse

3) Feeling better, but it is short lived

Not surprisingly, you end up throwing out your new supplements, or you do what I did for years, collected enough unused supplements to start a health food store! This is what I call
“my graveyard supplements.”

Why didn’t they work, you may wonder?

The answer is in your biochemistry.

Jason P., 55 years old, went to many practitioners due to disruptive anger issues (screaming, breaking things), crippling fatigue that would come in waves, irritability, high blood pressure, and heart problems. He had already been through two anger management classes and still felt that it would bubble up if someone just looked at him wrong.  His wife had mentioned that the anger was becoming a deal breaker for their marriage. His behavior was affecting his family, work and every aspect of his life.

How could Jason have avoided taking supplements that were not compatible with his chemistry when all he had to go by was his symptoms or what he thought he needed?

The answer is a hair test.

Hair test=knowing what supplements to take

When he found mineral balancing he was skeptical. He had tried many programs already and they all failed.

Rather than focusing on symptoms or guessing what supplements we need, we use a magnificent tool-Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA). We also recommend a specific line of supplements created by Dr. Paul Eck because these supplements have been created to make absolutely sure that you are taking the right minerals in the right amounts based on your hair analysis results.  No guessing required.

The supplements Jason was presently taking were inappropriate for him. They were all great supplements but all wrong for his body chemistry. See how this can be confusing? His hair test revealed a fast oxidation rate (oxidation rate refers to the burning of foods in the body and how the body converts the foods we eat into energy)  and had been taking large amounts of vitamin C, B and E. He was also taking adrenal support for fatigue.  These supplements are completely incorrect for his biochemistry.

The beauty of the hair test is in the science. Mineral balancing is a 50 year old science created by the late scientist and mineral researcher, Dr. Paul Eck.

Jason’s hair test results explained perfectly what supplements were going to help improve his health. After 2 months on the program he noticed he felt calmer.  He was less angry and irritable. 6 months into the program he noticed the fatigue was not as severe.

It is impossible for me to design a scientific nutritional program, unless I have a tissue mineral analysis in my hands. Giving the wrong supplement can prevent a person from improving.  DR. Paul Eck- mineral researcher, founder and biochemist of Analytical Research Labs


Maybe you have considered just taking a little bit of a few vitamins and/or minerals?

How about adding potassium to your daily routine? Seems harmless, right? Potassium raises zinc and magnesium while lowering calcium and copper. Maybe you already have low calcium and copper levels and it lowers these two minerals even more which exacerbates your health issues.

How about adding iron?  Taking iron raises sodium and potassium while lowering magnesium, calcium, copper and zinc. What if your body chemistry is already showing high sodium and potassium and low magnesium, calcium, copper and zinc.

Taking just one mineral can cause a chain reaction and affect all the other minerals in the body. No mineral works alone.

Perhaps you have thought of purchasing a multi-vitamin just to cover all the bases.

This can still prevent someone from improving and can even make them worse.  Every mineral taken affects every other mineral.  The minerals that you do not need can pile up in the tissues because your body can’t use them.

The whole philosophy of everyone taking the same kind of multiple supplements is just as absurd as everyone wearing the same shoe size.   Dr. Paul Eck


But, I feel better taking this supplement…doesn’t that mean I am taking what I need?

Feeling better does not signify that the supplement is improving your body chemistry. It may make you feel better in the short term, but it could be causing a greater mineral imbalance in your body in the long term.

The beauty of mineral balancing science is that we take into account how minerals interact with each other when setting up your supplement program. Our philosophy is to re-balance the body’s chemistry based on your hair test results. With repeat retests we can check scientifically if your vitamin and mineral requirements have changed. We know which supplements you need, how much you need, and for how long based off of your hair test.

Stop wasting money on supplements that you don’t need.  Put an end to your “graveyard supplement” collection.

If you would like a hair analysis kit form sent to your US address, please let me know Send me a hair test kit!


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