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40 Quick and Easy Ways to Enjoy the Hectic Holiday Season

By Dr. Heather Kneale

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays many forget about one thing….


You help your brother with his family, your daughter or son with their relationships, and you think about what you have to finish at work, at home, for friends, for family. Doing all of this on top of preparing for the holidays is just insane. It is easy to see why at the end of the holiday season we need a holiday. Everyone is taking a piece of you and leaving only the crumbs.

We run ourselves down during a time that is supposed to be enjoyed. When did that happen?

We’ve learned a not so healthy skill: juggling.

Juggling between finding the perfect gifts for everyone you know. Figuring out where to celebrate the holidays. Deciding who you should invite (or not invite)? Sleeping less hours to fit it all in before the deadlines. Realizing that you are getting a cold or a flu.

Do we have to race through the holidays and become stressed and rundown?

Here is a list of quick things to do to make sure you stay well and find some enjoyment too!


1) Turn off your phone (this one is probably the most important)

2) Take a bath

3) Light some candles

4) Drive and find Christmas lights on houses

5) Make a hot chocolate (https://livingwellmom.com/healthy-easy-hot-cocoa-recipe-kids )

6) Make a hot tea and put your legs up (even if it is for 5 minutes)

7) Delegate…get some help with shopping, planning, cooking, any of the errands

8) Plan a potluck: these are my favorite as it takes the burden off making every dish and others get to add to the joy!

9) Splurge on a Spa day (hour or 1/2 hour if that is all you have)

10) Get a massage

11) Read a chapter of a favorite book (or just a few pages)

12) Cross off what you do not have to do and move it to another day: stop cramming it all in

13) Enjoy a foot reflexology session

14) Eat out for a meal or two during the busy times

15) Freeze a few meals so that you can just defrost them

16) Cook crock pot meals: take less time and there are many easy recipes online Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes

17) Listen to your favorite book while driving

18) Listen to your favorite (calming preferably) music in the car, at home, etc..

19) Go for a walk

20) Call a friend that makes you feel happy

21) Play with your dogs, cats

22) Go for a ride (bike ride, horse, train)

23) Meditate: lots on youtube: (Headspace quick and easy)

24) Pray: depending on your beliefs

25) Write a list of what you’re grateful for and look at it every day during this holiday season (these are so easy to overlook)

26) Draw or paint

27) Knit something (I have heard this helps to relax…I have never tried it)

28) Take a sauna

29) Workout, exercise

30) Stretch: try some yoga moves Yoga Stretches 10 Minutes

31) Breath!

32) Watch your favorite youtube videos

33) Close your eyes and think of your favorite places

34) Lay down

35) Watch your favorite show without interruptions

36) Be alone for a short time (even if it is in a walk in closet)

37) Dance (even if you don’t know how)

38) Cuddle with a pet

39) Laugh (find your favorite jokes or think of something funny)

40) Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure

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