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You do not have to “just live with it” or you may have been told “it will never go away.” I have seen too many people including myself become vibrantly healthy for those statements to be valid.

Your life and energy can be restored.

I am here to help you and your family live life to its fullest.

I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation so you can ask away and see if we are a good fit. Please call 530-529-2329 or email me if you have any questions. 


What led me to mineral balancing?

In 2004, I became ill while pregnant. My asthma was flaring up on a continual basis that turned into bronchitis.  Antibiotics kept the infections at bay during my pregnancy. My doctor felt that as soon as I had my baby that the asthma and infections would subside; he was thinking that it was caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.  After, Ava, my daughter was born, I started to have very high temperatures on and off (103-105 degree Fahrenheit) and was miserable. Hot baths helped bring down my fevers temporarily.  I started coughing up brown mucus.  Some other symptoms were lethargic, extreme fatigue, chest pain, and muscle pain, a feeling of suffocation where I could not wear anything around my neck or get into small spaces such as a car.

My doctor ordered an x-ray which showed pneumonia in my upper right and middle lobes. I was given a couple more antibiotics that did not even touch the infection. My doctor’s last attempt was to do a sputum sample to see what type of bacteria was growing; It came back as aspergillus. If invasive aspergillosis does not get better with drug treatment, it eventually leads to death. My doctor called and informed me that he could no longer work with me and to get my affairs in order.

What was the most upsetting was that he suggested that I stop breast feeding my baby so that I may live longer. Thoughts of not being able to breast feed my daughter, not being able to help my husband with the baby and not seeing her get older were heart wrenching. 

 I really wanted to see my daughter grow up and for her to know me and vice versa. 

Because of my failing health, we moved in with my in-laws which I am forever grateful. They helped take care of Ava and bring her to me for breastfeeding. My husband had to cut back on his business to also help take care of us. It was truly humbling. My illness was affecting not only me but everyone around me. I could not even blow-dry my hair because of how much energy it took.

My training was only conventional medicine. It was all I knew. I wanted to live and decided to try natural approaches. I tried acupuncture and herbal medicine. I was not improving. I found a naturopath that did hair testing and testing sounded good at the time. The naturopath could not explain what my hair analysis results meant. I wanted to know why the calcium was so high and what the ratios indicated. She put me on many herbs and supplements. After 4 months I did not feel any better.

My mother-in-law suggested looking up the laboratory that did the hair analysis procedure which was ARL (Analytical Research Lab).   After 4 months on the mineral balancing program the x-ray showed the pneumonia was no longer present!

I did have many healing reactions which I will write up on my blog someday to explain that healing correctly takes time and commitment.  I am not just talking about a few weeks or months but really a lifestyle change.  It took about a year for my energy to start coming back. It would come in cycles. I would have a day or two that was good and then I was tired again. It continued to where I would have a week of good energy and maybe a day or two tired. Eventually, the tired days become fewer and farther in-between. I have more energy now than when I was a teenager.

My daughter is 16 and I have been able to play ball, run, laugh, sing, and dance with her. This is what I call “living.” My former self was just a shell. Now, with energy, I can truly be myself. 

My daughter has also been doing the program for 10 years and is one of my case studies. When she turned two, we were told she was going to be on the autism spectrum. We have never heard the word “autism” related to our daughter ever since she started the program.

Why do I recommend mineral balancing?

It saved my life.

I have energy to enjoy my family, home-school my daughter, and share my experience with others like you. 

The programs are designed to build the body from the ground up. It is not based on symptoms or diseases. It is based on improving the energy of your body. Dr. Paul Eck (founder and biochemist of ARL) called his research “mineral balancing science.”   

My background

I have been working directly with ARL (Analytical Research Labs, Inc.) for 15 years and have taught over one-hundred practitioners the mineral balancing science.   I have personally gone over roughly 30,000 hair charts and programs. 

Recently (November 2021), I received my licensed as a CBD/Cannabis Health Coach from Holistic Caring/Green Nurse. After taking care of a family member with cancer I realized that cannabis is a wonderful, natural product that can help clients with sleep, anxiety, pain, muscle twitching and more. My family member was on opiates and was miserable. After three weeks on a cannabis tincture, he was off his opiates!

In November 2017, I finished my PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science specializing in Holistic Life Coaching through the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Sciences. I am excited to be able to add counseling to my practice for my existing clients and others who may need this type of counseling.  

I received my doctorates in Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health in 2014 and work as an unlicensed practitioner.

My old life (prior to getting well with nutritional healing) I was a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

How I look at a Hair Analysis is based off of Dr. Paul Eck’s science he called “Mineral Balancing”. Dr. Eck was the founder of Analytical Research Labs, Inc., a 50-year-old science. 


Interested in becoming a practitioner?

In 2018, my colleague (Joy Feldman) and I started a Mineral Balancing School called Global Nutritional Healing. We both have been teaching mineral balancing for many years: I started in 2005, Joy started in 1992! For more information on our mineral balancing practitioner program please go to: Become a Practitioner – Global Nutritional Healing

Global Healing One Person at a Time

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