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Blood Pressure Improved and Increased Energy

I had noticed in the last 8 years that I didn’t have the energy I once had. Also started to have some health problems (high blood pressure, legs shaking, pain in hip, more sinus problems, arthritis). I started with the hair analysis and was set up on a program that I could do. I also added sauna therapy for when I had sinus and ear ache problems. My energy improved, blood pressure came way down, was able to walk better and think better.

W.K 63 years old, grandmother of 6

Thyroid Normal After Years of Hypothyroidism

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (slow thyroid). I was trying to lose weight. I went to a personal trainer for 2 years and even weighed my food because I wasn’t seeing much results from running 45 minutes a day and weight training. I got a hair analysis and started taking supplements and changed what I ate. After a year, my blood test for my thyroid was normal! I have lost a few pounds, eat more protein and do some walking for my exercise.

S.L. 26,  Northern California


Quit Crystal Meth with Program and Support Group

I am 38 years old, but started drugs probably 20+ years ago. I have done a few rehabilitation programs but always went back to drugs. Did a hair analysis and started following the program and along with drug rehabilitation. Clean now for 3 years. After I quit drugs, I would smoke and drink coffee to help me. I quit smoking 6 months ago and don’t even miss it.

S.Q., 38, California


Arthritis Gone and Able to Handle Husbands Death

I have had arthritis for over 10 years,sinus infections at least 3 times a year, a itchy red rash that showed up often for years…I thought it was the food, laundry detergent, soaps, lotions, nothing really seemed to help. I got a hair analysis and started the supplements and ate more of what my body needed. I can now open cans without pain in my fingers. I have not had a sinus infection since I started 2 years ago. The rash I no longer get. My husband of 50 years was diagnosed with cancer and died within a year. Normally, I would have not been able to cope at all. Because of this program I had the energy I needed to say goodbye to my husband, mourn his death and enjoy life again. 

T.M.,65 years old, Pismo Beach California


No Sign of Lupus, Arteries Cleared Up

I started on the mineral balancing program in 2017 due to Lupus and cardiac problems (2 years ago). I am happy to inform you that my rheumatologist at Stanford told me there is no sign of my lupus now, all labs are normal! Kidney function test are normal now. Lastly, my cardiologist at Stanford told me my arteries are clear now and I don’t need to see him regularly but to call him if I have a problem. I am dumping doctors left and right!! Thank you so much for your help.

M.L. 70 yrs, California


Hepatitis C Virus Type 1 Disappears

I contracted the HCV, hepatitis C virus type 1, approximately 2 to 3 years ago. Type 1 is the most common and fatal. My liver enzymes were over 1,000. I immediately started getting severe migraine headaches, nausea and weakness, to the point where I was bedridden from those symptoms at least 2 to 3 days a week, sometimes more. I was already doing coffee enemas off and on, but not regularly. I noticed that every time I had a migraine or nausea, the only thing that would make those symptoms subside would be coffee enemas. I took GB3 often for nausea, but coffee enemas were the only thing that would make severe migraines and or nausea completely go away. Sometimes I did two or three ce’s ( coffee enemas) a day. I was taking the Endomet brand vitamins/supplements according to my last hair test through the hair analysis program by Dr. Kneale. Heather’s last assessment of one of those tests guided me with which vitamins I should be taking. After a few months of supplements my liver enzymes went down to normal.

Funding was an issue, so I was not able to do as many hair tests as I wanted to. Nonetheless, sticking with regular coffee enemas and taking the vitamins and minerals Heather suggested caused the hepatitis C virus, which had plagued me for approximately three years, to disappear without a trace in early 2018. At first I thought the blood test results were a mistake, but this last test I had done was from a specialty clinic, a doctor who was potentially going to treat my HCV with the new medicine, Harvoni. To make absolutely sure that the test results were accurate, I scheduled a follow up appointment with a nurse practitioner of that specialty clinic. The nurse did confirm that my HCV was completely gone. I could not believe it, and was extremely elated.

Many thanks to my friend for guiding me during those hard times and getting me started on the hair analysis program. Also many thanks to Heather. Thank you so much again.

-Allen, age 45



Candida Vanishes, More Energetic and Happy

I took a while to get going on the program because I was scared. I started with the diet then added the supplements and now on the full program for over 2 years.  I want to share my progress in my healing. My mental and spiritual development has been incredible. Most symptoms I had before starting the program are completely gone(digestion issues, candida…).  I feel very happy, energetic, relaxed, focused, grounded and have a general good feeling about myself, my body and life.  

S.K., 30 years old, Switzerland  


Anxiety and Anemia Gone, Thinking Clearly

I have told you some of my story but wanted to go into more detail about how this Mineral Balancing has changed my life. When I was in my teen years I started having panic attacks. It affected every area of my life and made me very insecure. I stopped driving, could hardly hold down a job and was afraid of everything, even myself. I also had anemia. I could only take iron for a little while then it would affect my stomach. All the insecurities kept me very codependent and in bad and abusive relationships. I think God used all this to bring me to Him. In 1986 I asked Jesus to come into my life. I started praying for God to show me how to get healthy. I tried so many things, vegetarian diets, green drinks, Homeopathic Doctors, who made me very sick using Kinesiology. At my sickest, I could only stand for a few minutes. I searched the Internet and found your articles about Adrenal problems. My husband asked me to go to a medical doctor to have my adrenals tested. I wasn’t one to go to MD’s but went because my husband asked me too. I had the ACTH test. The test came back normal. I think the test just indicated that my adrenals worked but not how well. I sent my hair in and got my results back which indicated weak adrenals and thyroid problems. I started on the road to healing by starting the diet first. I noticed more energy in the first week. When my supplements came I took them faithfully. I just kept thinking every day, what I can do today that will help me to get better. I did coffee enemas 5-6 days a week, built a simple sauna in my bathroom which I used 5 days a week. Every week I felt stronger. After several months my anemia went away. It was due to toxic copper or copper imbalance. My anxiety is gone and I can think clearly. I also had terrible brain fog for many years. I feel like I have my life back and I thank God every day. Now I have 3 boys and my husband on it. I have seen improvements in their health also. 

R.R 50 years old, Houston TX


Dementia, Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Gone

Hello Heather, I am happy to say that Mom (DJ) is doing so well that she was able to go to assisted living. As it was reported to you, when we picked her up from the rest home in Pennsylvania she had health issues such as diabetes with insulin intake. Dementia, high blood pressure, a chronic bladder infection, an incontinence issue with urine and bowels. She also suffered with post stroke symptoms. She is doing well on the program. She drinks 3, 10 oz glasses of spring water. She has not reached 3 qts yet. She is on the food plan. And by the way, her weight was 220 lbs and now she weighs 180. And she is taking all her vitamins. As a result diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia, is gone. Incontinence with bowels are gone.  She only wears depends for urine. And that  also has subsided. 

D.J 72 years old, Tacoma Washington


Grave’s Disease and Tumors Disappear

Hi Heather,

I have been on the program for 1 year and the Grave’s disease is completely gone! The benign tumors in my left breast and glands have disappeared. I am thinking more clearly and do not feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster anymore. My energy and outlook on life is far better than I could even hope for. I am changing my career to work in law enforcement and thank you and DR. Wilson for that.  Thank you for everything!

A.S 27 years old, Bayarea, CA


Unable to Work, Bed Bound, Now a Healthy Medical Doctor

I was dealing with a lot of issues that I could not correct for years.  I went through months and years of research and tried all kinds of supplements.  I slowly just kept getting worse and relied on supplements to give my temporary energy boosts… which eventually caused me to, for lack of a better word, burnout.

I hit rock bottom, and even now could not believe how bad I was.  I was unable to work, I could not get out of bed. I could not face the many problems which made things worse. It was a nightmare, but also a powerful experience whose testimony can help others.

I contacted  a doctor back in October of 2011 who put me in contact with Heather kneale who oversees my program. It has been working for me ever since.  I saw results within 4 months.  

D.M. 30 yrs, Canada

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