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Pet Initial and Retest Hair Analysis


We took 4 month old Cole into our family in 2015.  Although he was quite ill (eye infections, bladder infections, fungal infections on the outside of his body, underweight and not active like a puppy should be) my daughter wanted him. It took about 2 months on the program for the fungal infection and bladder infections to go away. About 4 months into the program his eyes stopped getting infections.  8 months into the program and we have a very active, fun, and healthy puppy! See below for the picture with an attitude!

Cole 2016

Cole 2016

Product Description

Our pets are part of our family too! The program includes the hair analysis, program recommendations, audio consultation on a CD or MP3 (outside United States I only offer MP3), and a few follow up questions by email. Phone consultation is not included in this fee. It usually takes about 3 weeks to get the results and to set up a program with DR. Wilson.


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