Why I Can’t Sleep?

Why Can’t I sleep?

I spent so many years trying to sleep, watching the clock, obsessing about not getting enough sleep and trying anything that offered quick results. I know now that part of the problem can be our chemistry and the program will get to the core of it and also not giving the sleep methods I found a  chance to work. What worked like a charm was doing the sauna before bed (inhibits the fight-or-flight response) and taking extra paramin (calming minerals we use on our programs). This combination has worked well for me. And that is the key point here. You have to find what works for you. I have found many books and websites that state that sleeping pills make people actually feel worse and they would rather just not sleep than to feel the hangover feeling on top of not sleeping well.

One book I found very helpful for sleep hygiene. The Effortless Sleep Method by Sasha Stephens, a former insomniac.

Here are a few tips from her book on sleep hygiene:

1. Spend less time in bed: many people try to sleep in or try to go to bed when not tired.

2. Skip long naps because it makes if hard to fall asleep

3.Get up and do something when you cannot sleep: something that takes no more than about 1/2 hour

4.Get up at the same time everyday

5.Many people read, watch TV and write in bed. Use your bed only for sleep so that there is not an assocation with other activities

6.Stop clock watching. Put it under the bed if you have to.

7.Let go of instant miracle cures.

8.Find a relaxation technique that you have practiced are familiar with. Do just try it once and give up. Learning anything new takes time. This could be a mediation, prayer, deep breathing, etc..

I do realize that some sleep issues are not hygiene related. For instance pain can wake us up. You may need chiropractic or stretches to help lessen pain. Worrying about work, family or others may interfere with sleep. Sleep apnea may need to be addressed if it is a mechanic reason for not sleeping well.  Electro-magnetic field in your sleep area is another (go to emfdoctors.com).

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