Addicted to Crystal Meth and Cigarettes



Steven, age 38, started drugs when he was in his teens. It was very common in his household. He was caught when he was 21 years old for being under the influence and was arrested.   He was let out and put on probation for 5 years.  He then met his wife and they had a son.

His wife’s friend introduced him to crystal meth. He got in a car accident and was put in jail for possession and under the influence of crystal meth. In jail he met someone who showed him how to make his own crystal meth.  When he got out of jail he started his own lab and distributed crystal meth. He was pulled over on a routine traffic violation and crystal meth was found in the car. He was put in Susanville prison for 6 months. During this time, his wife filed for divorce and full custody of their son.

He was released and moved in with his parents and started selling drugs again. He was one month away from finishing his probation and was pulled over for a routine traffic violation at 3 am.   He was put in Santa Rita for 4 months then transferred to San Quentin prison for 3 weeks and then on to Pelican Bay for 1 year. Pelican Bay made him not want to go back again. Got out and moved in with an old roommate. He got a job and with the money he received, he started drugs again.

He went to rehab for a few months, but still wanted to do drugs. In the mean time, his roommate had jumped off of the golden gate bridge because he thought he could fly.  Steven moved into a rehabilitation clinic. After 8 months in rehabilitation he started a nutritional balancing program.

Symptoms.  He presented with extreme pain in his elbows, anxiety, ADD, alcoholism, crystal meth addiction, cigarette addiction, depression, fatigue, migraine headaches, hostility, resentment, joint pain, muscle weakness and cramps, paranoia and nightmares, negative thoughts and stress. He could not concentrate or settle down due to his ADD.

His first hair mineral analysis (2-15-08) revealed a four lows pattern in which the hair calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium were all below the ideal.  Four lows pattern is a give-up pattern, somewhat like a car with its wheels spinning in the ditch, getting nowhere fast.

The hair potassium was 2 mg%.  When the potassium is below 4 mg% it is called sympathetic dominance, which means the person is willful and often worries or pushes himself hard.  A low potassium with a four lows pattern indicates a double sympathetic dominance pattern.

He also had hidden copper.  Aluminum was elevated, which also tends to indicate hidden iron and manganese toxicity.  His Ca/Mg was 13.5 mg% which indicates spiritual defensiveness, and a need for a lifestyle change.  He also showed slow oxidation which indicates adrenal and thyroid weakness or exhaustion.

Steven agreed to change his diet and began taking the proper supplements for his metabolic patterns.  He also began taking better care of himself.  He also did an aftercare program in which he lived at a rehabilitation facility and went to NA (narcotics anonymous) meetings daily at first then 3 times a week. He also had family supporting him at this time.  Within two weeks, his elbow pain was gone.  After a few months his headaches were less frequent and mild. He stated that he felt stronger and had better thoughts about himself.

His second hair mineral analysis (7-3-08) revealed that he had come out of the four lows pattern.  This usually indicates a much better outlook on life and a higher true energy level.  His Ca/Mg improved as well.  On this test, arsenic and aluminum were higher, indicating they were starting to come out of his tissues.  His Na/K ratio was low, which is likely a retracing of a prior tendency for depression, hostility, resentment and stress.

Steven’s next hair analysis (8-7-09) revealed fast oxidation rate.  This indicates a better energy level.  He also had elevated manganese, lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum.  This means that all of these toxic metals were now being eliminated from his body as his body heals.

He has been clean for 4 years.  Last year he quit smoking. His family this Christmas could not believe how good he looked.  He gets to see his son now on a regular basis. He wants to make something of himself and feels that drugs is a chapter in his life that has ended.


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